Kari Carter

Kari Carter (Founder, Owner, Artistic Director of Impact Dance of Atlanta) has been dancing for virtually her entire life. Beginning at age 7, Kari fell in love with dancing & performing in a small ballet, tap, tumble class in Lubbock, Texas. At age 9 Kari and her family moved to the Dallas/Ft.Worth area and joined a delightful studio, Miss Persis School of Dance, where she continued her dance education in ballet, jazz, tap, pointe, and much more! Kari was also able to attend the Texas Tech University’s summer dance intensives, as well as other programs. Upon completion of high school, Kari pursued a business career and received her Bachelor’s in Marketing from Texas Tech.

Fast forward 10 years and Kari was married, had three small children, an impressive management career with a major grocery manufacturer, and had relocated 6 times in the span of only 5 years, landing in Atlanta. All she really ever wanted to do was to teach; to teach dance. In a big leap of faith & to put her family first, Kari resigned & began teaching dance as a ministry in a local church. The mission: To provide the community with a Christian dance studio where students were not asked to compromise their moral values in order to use their God-given talent of dance. As “Praise Him With Dance” began, little did Kari know what the future held. “Now I understand why I pursued a business career. Without it, I would have never been able to manage the amazing business of running a large studio for 20 years!”

With extensive training in virtually all forms of dance, including competition ballroom, Kari leads the fabulous studio Impact Dance Of Atlanta (also known as Impact Dance & Performing Arts Center). In a typical dance season, the team of impressive instructors under Kari’s direction, will instruct hundreds and hundreds of children, teens & adults; produce “The Toymaker’s Christmas” (written by Kari); produce a major, full-length Broadway style musical; produce a major, full-length classical ballet; produce a Worship Outreach & Recital for the entire school; dance at 15 or more local events & festivals; and host an impressive Summer Intensive & Dance Camp event.

Impact is known for excellent training in a Christ-centered environment. A place where dancers & performers are trained to pursue their dreams. A place where they are equipped to face their future. Impact has trained dancers who are able to go directly from this studio to professional careers with professional companies such as Miami City Ballet, Ballet Magnificat!, Charleston Ballet, The Atlanta Hawks, The Atlanta Thrashers, and more. Additionally, many of the Impact alumni receive academic scholarships to major universities including The University Of Alabama, Kennesaw State University.

Kari is actively involved in many local business associations, is on the Board of Directors of Kennesaw State University, directs the dance program at North Cobb Christian School, and is actively involved in the dance community. Insuring that the studio continues to offer the community a Christian-based training facility where excellence is the goal, Kari continually searches for opportunities for her teachers & her students to thrive!

Kari is married to Dwight Carter (since 1984)!! Has three grown & very amazing children: Austin Carter, born in 1989, serves our country in Special Forces of the United States Navy; Adrienne Carter, born in 1991, is a professional ballerina with Miami City Ballet; Aaron Carter, born in 1994, attends The University Of Alabama on scholarship for his own dance and academic achievements!

“It is a humbling honor to have so many families trust Impact for their training needs. It is an honor to have an IMPACT on so many lives!”